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Oct 14, 2012 6:30pm EDT
. governor romney had a record, he was strong talking about how successful he was as governor, how he turned his state around. and keep in mind 87% of his legitimate tors were democrats and he was still successful. he cut taxes 19 times. he was at the top for education for the kids in his state. we know he has a record that he can bring to the rost of the country and we know he is a leader and not a politician and that's what we need in america. [applause] then look at paul ryan and you look at biden, oh my god. you know you sit there and you look at how intelligent and professional and what a respectful human being pool ryan was being during that and giving good information and good facts and all you could do is look at vice president biden and think what is so funny in reference to the security of our nation, what is so funny about making promises and not following through with a single one of them. do you remember president obama said he was going to cut -- he was going to cut the deficit in half during his first four years. did he do that? no, e he didn't. he said he was going to
Oct 8, 2012 12:30am EDT
poverty, we need to continue to take care of them. as i drew the difference between governor romney and myself, when he talked about those in poverty, i said they haven't chosen to be there. i would not cut our food stamp programs now because we need to make sure those folks can continue to be taken care of. but let's get them a job and get them back to work so families can progress. >> thank you, mrs. mcmahon. mr. murphy. >> again, this is just about numbers. if you except this tax cut number, the only way to account for it is to have massive cut to these programs that do put people to work and grow jobs and take care people when they are out of work. you have to look at the work i have done. i've committed my life to standing up to the most vulnerable among us. some of the work i do on these issues may be don't get the big headlines. i wrote a piece of legislation, the support of housing investment act, named after a great advocate for anti-homeless here in connecticut that would triple the amount of housing units built for the most vulnerable among us. people have very grave mental i
Oct 7, 2012 9:30pm EDT
wish governor romney had provided more. i do think there is a step forward talking about this itemized deduction. it is not a full-fledged proposal, and the bodies attached seem to be up in the air. i think the biggest step forward is that governor romney is rightly acknowledging that to do serious base broadening you cannot just curtail "loopholes'" used by some obscure small group of people. you really do need to find some way to limit the big, popular tax preferences that millions of people use. that is for any plan to work. putting a dollar cap on that, whether that is the right way to go could be questioned. the president to his credit put forward a proposal with a lot of good features. an article last year -- he would limit the tax savings for itemized deductions for people with incomes above $250,000 for couples. even if you are in a bracket higher than 20%, you can only reduce them by 28 cents for every dollar -- 28%, you can only reduce them by 28 cents for every dollar. even if you are in the 35% bracket and normally save 35 cents. that is one way to limit those preferences.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3